Friday, April 30, 2010

In to win!

So, I heard about this blog contest today, and I just can't resist -- I'm desperate for help!

Help me Wilsonart -- you're my only hope!

My family used to spend about 30% of our life in our basement. We love this room, I sew, the kids play, we watch movies. Most of our family time together is spent in our wonderful basement. At least until March 30, 2010.

I went down that morning to turn on a video for my son and my foot stepped in 3 inches of water. I suddenly realized that all of our treasures were floating. It didn't stop -- about six hours later we had about 10 inches of water.

Pictured here is only about 3-4 inches. It was flooding so fast we tried to get all the valuable things out before they were ruined.

Because we were so distraught, we forgot to take a picture at full water depth. Just imagine the couch resting on large food cans to try to keep it above water.

After the waters finally receded four days later, we had to move everything from the basement so that it could dry outside.

All of the family treasures(toys, fabric, sewing machine, tv, stereo, etc) are now waiting in the garage for our all-purpose basement to get fixed.

We've cleaned, replaced the ruined drywall, painted and are preparing to finish the walls with wainscoting. In the next two weeks I hope to have the carpet back in too. Here's to hoping!

But, I still have all of this stuff to organize and put back downstairs for my family to use. Oh, how I would love to have a wonderful organization system to store all the toys, games, crafts, and electronics! Please help us!

Can't you just imagine a beautiful storage system for

toys, sewing/crafting and games?

Even though I really want to win I'll be good and share all the contest information so that you can try too:

The contest runs through April 30th (so hurry over!), and one winner will receive expert design advice, as well as a customized cabinet/counter top organization utopia for your room valued up to $5,000!

Take a photo of your family room, craft room, or basement. Whatever you think needs some organization love.

Post the photo on a blog post and tell us more about the room. Who uses it, what takes place in that room, etc. Also include what you’d like the design team at Wilsonart to help you accomplish with the Spring Clean.

Learn more about the contest here. Submit the link to your blog post
here and you’ll be entered to win the $5,000 Spring Cleaning Room Makeover!