Friday, June 5, 2009

Quilt-A-Long Number Two

Since I'm getting back in the sewing grove, I thought I'd try another quilt-a-long at the same time as the nine-patch. I'm using up stash fabric and it feels wonderful! I'm shocked at how much fabric I have. I thought I knew what was there, but more and more keeps appearing!

I haven't bought a single piece of fabric for the two quilt-a-longs, it was all in bins in my 'dirty room.' I'm so proud of myself restraint!

I'm a week behind in this quilt-a-long, but I'm catching up quickly. I finally chose all my fabrics. Now I need to cut the 2.5 inch strips and sew them together. Many of my fabrics are fat quarters, but I think I'll make long strips out of them so that it works better for piecing.

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