Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toy Management

I love our basement! When were looking for a home, a usable basement was a must have! We've put the TV and all the kids toys down there. It makes the rest of the house much easier to keep clean.

Until two weeks ago, the toys were all over the place. I've been dreaming of these toy organizers from IKEA for years. This summer, the dream became reality. YEAH!!!! I love them! The kids are actually playing with the toys and then they clean them up every night before going to bed. It's amazing! My 20-month-old will clean up his own toys and knows that the bin needs to be put away before the job is finished. I'm in Mommy Heaven!
I've been thinking about how I could make the bins even cuter than they are, and here's what I've done -- I designed labels for each of them. There's both pictures and words so that kids of varying ages will know what's available and how to clean it up when they're finished using something.

I have a few bins left to finish, but I've run out of steam for a bit. I'll come back to it in a couple of weeks and finish the rest.


  1. What a great idea, and so cute! If I did this the bins would say Legos, Legos, Legos, Legos and so on until forever.

  2. Look at that organization. I'm working on organizing all of my kids toys, but I'm soooo overwhelmed I haven't really started. I don't know where to start. Toys are EVERYWHERE. I guess that happens with 3 kids and an unfinished basement. (We're working on that)