Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stuck in my mind

Do you remember the band They Might Be Giants from high school? I loved them! Some of my most favorite memories of my sophomore year include driving my mother's suburban loaded with 20 or so of my most treasured friends. (These were the days before seat belt laws) Sometimes my friend Jenny would play the guitar and sing. Most of the time it was They Might Be Giants that led us on our adventures. We'd often play the song "Cow Town" and fly a kite out the back window. Oh, what sweet memories!

Well, They Might Be Giants has released a new CD/DVD recently, and it's really been stuck in my mind. We've been playing it as a family and loving the music. Not only that, but it's educational and the videos are really cute. We've been watching them on YouTube for a couple of months now. So that I don't have to keep hunting for them every time we want to watch, I thought I'd put our favorites here, and that way you can join in the fun too! Yeah! It's just like the good old days!

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