Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Worth the money

In my quest to make wonderful food, I've learned that cleaning up after my cooking tests and trials is getting more and more messy. Since I spend most of my time recently working on the art of bread making, my counter has that yucky flour cement stuck to it. I hate trying to get it off.

My favorite store has been advertising this mat and roller for quite a while. I'm a little behind the times because I hate to spend money on things that I won't use, or that are only good for one or two tasks. It has to be a multi-tasker because I don't have that much cupboard space.

With all of that in mind, I love my new mat and pastry pin. They are fantastic. I was worried that the mat would be too small. Not even close. It's huge! If it were any bigger I wouldn't be able to clean it in my sink. The rolling pin has little rings that you can stick on to make sure your dough comes out even and to the desired depth. Pretty cool!

Wait until you see some of the other gadgets I finally ordered. I've been drooling for so long over these things! It's been like Christmas in July!

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