Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nine-Patch quilt-a-long

So, I joined a quilt-a-long to make a beautiful nine-patch scrappy quilt. I love the idea. I have tons of fabric scraps. Yet, I found I couldn't motivate myself to get started. It was going to take a quilting therapist to figure out what the road-block was.

My therapist(a bowl of ice cream) and I sat down to talk. Together we figured it out. It was the scraps. I'm held back by the scraps. I love going to the store to pick out and match fabric. I love an organized, color-coordinated quilt. The adage to pick one or two fabrics that 'pop' isn't really my style. This quilt is really pushing me out of my comfort zone --- the colors don't match!!!! I recognize that's the beautiful thing about this quilt. But it's still a really large mental hurdle for me to conquer.
But, I decided that was exactly why I needed to buckle down and get going -- I'm about 20 squares behind right now. So, last night I went through my scraps and ironed them to see what was going to work for the 2.5" starting squares I need. Today I started cutting squares and 2.5" strips from the fabric. Before you know it, I'll have put together a scrappy quilt. Will I love it???? That's the question.

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  1. How funny that we both found the same quilt along. Did you join the spring to fling she has in her sidebar too? I have one done. About 100 to go!